SpeedMoto 1.1.7

Go as far as you can in this addictive motorcycling game


  • Addictive to play
  • Simple controls


  • Crude animation
  • Unspectacular sound effects


SpeedMoto is a motorcycle game for Android in which your challenge is to ride as far as you can without falling off your bike.

It's a fairly standard distance-based racing format, in the same style as Racing Moto or Death Racing. The bike in SpeedMoto automatically accelerates up the screen and you can go faster by holding the screen.

The object of SpeedMoto is to overtake all the other vehicles without hitting them, which you do by tilting your device. You need to collect coins in order to further your score and purchase extra bikes (which can be bought with real money if you like).

The gameplay in SpeedMoto is enjoyable enough, and the lure of trying to beat your high score makes it quite addictive. However, it's not a very polished game overall. Animations are quite crude and sound effects are primitive. What's more, the action is very repetitive and before too long you'll learn which way all of the vehicles will turn.

SpeedMoto is an enjoyable timewaster, but it lacks the kind of depth needed to make it any more than an average racing game.



SpeedMoto 1.1.7

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